Hiring a Social Media Professional Part 2: Faceman (person)

This is part two in a series on hiring a social media person or company.

Part 1:  Strategist

Part 2:  Faceman

Part 3:  Moderator

Part 4:  Technologist

Part 5:  Vendor/Company

This may be the least recognized and one of the most important roles for someone creating community to understand: the Faceman.  The Faceman (person) is a person that is intended to connect with the customers by being one of them.  Your users should understand and connect with this person.  The Faceman is often the one who blogs and creates videos.  This person needs to be an expert in the subject matter of the community.  Often this will come from within the company, or if from outside, then it needs to be chosen very carefully.


Dell:  Lionel@Dell

eBay personalities:  http://www.ebaychatter.com/

Walmart: http://www.checkoutblog.com/

SolarWinds Head Geek:

Cisco: http://blogs.cisco.com/news

Great personalities on Blogher: http://www.blogher.com/


As I mentioned above, the most important thing this person needs to have is a complete knowledge of your subject.  In addition, they need to be approachable.  Someone that is too much of a know-it-all will not play well to an audience.  This person needs to be confident but always be ready to learn and work with the others.  They need to have a bold personality.  This comes through in all the mediums and makes them memorable.  If you meet the person in an interview and they bore you to tears… imagine watching them speak on purpose…

This person does not HAVE TO BE an expert in social media or communities.  I think that one of the challenges companies have had in finding the right person is that they insist that this role and the strategist above have to be found all in a single person.  I have seen many instances where a split plan works great.

Finding the right candidates should start within your company.  Look carefully… most often you will find someone right under your noses.  Is it a support person with a great nose for business and a passion for twitter?  Is it someone from the sales team?  Ideally this person will be very active in community on their own… personal or other.  Take this passion and translate it into a great front person.  (see the interview questions for a moderator)


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  1. Great input. Thanks so much. I always wondered about it and this really makes it understandable.

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