By now you have heard about Digital Media/ Social Media/ Community until you are ready to scream.  You are sick to death of the endless blog posts that offer the “top 10 things to or to not do” but don’t really tell you how to do anything.  Everyone says the same things… join the conversation… talk with your customers… be transparent… are you listening…

You are ready to go, if someone would just tell you how to do it!  You are someone who does… not just sits and talks about it.  This blog is intended for the practitioner…  Not the person who just wants to be able to spout the latest terms and trends, but the person who will actually drive this game changing program at a company.  If there was a simple one size fits all, there would have been a guide years ago and everyone would be successfully navigating this social media maze.  That is where we will focus on this blog –> on you.  Together we will cover everything from the dissection of what is needed to the step by step guidance to make it all come together.



Dawn Lacallade is a social media practitioner whose projects include Dell Community Forums, Ideastorm and currently the SolarWinds communities.

Dawn has a passion for releasing the full value of a completely integrated community and clearly demonstrating the results.  She is currently chasing this passion with the deeply integrated communities at SolarWinds, where community is one of the core tenants of business.  As the Community Manager at SolarWinds, a Network Management Software company located in Austin, Texas, Dawn is responsible for the Community strategy, direct integration of Community in the SolarWinds products, growth of Community product extensions, Community engagement and implementation of all Community projects.  The SolarWinds community, called thwack, has more than 25,000 members which represent many of SolarWinds’ 85,000 customers.  Using the Community, SolarWinds has revolutionized the Product Development lifecycle which is a key contributor to the company’s success.  Dawn is a repeat speaker at the Community 2.0 Conference, a founding member of the Community Roundtable, and is active in the Social Media Club and Social Media Breakfast.

Before joining SolarWinds, Dawn was the Manager of Ideastorm and the Dell Community Forums.  She led the evolution from the focus on support forums to a broader integrated community including the Forums, Blogs, and Ideastorm.  In this role included the technology, management of the Community Liaison team, idea evaluation, and driving business action on innovation.  At the time, Dell’s vibrant online community consisted of more than 20 properties with over 22 million monthly views.


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